Piñeiro (A Coruña, Bergantiños)

Village Piñeiro has a population of 36 people.

The nearby cities are: Coristanco (4.0km), Carballo (8.6km), Santa Comba (15.0km). The closest historical/cultural place is village Corme-Aldea that is in a distance of 17.9 km and village Laxe (19.6 km).

The closest airports are: LCG - A Coruña - Alvedro (35.7 km) and SCQ - Santiago de Compostela - Lavacolla (41.6 km)

Region: Bergantiños
Province: A Coruña
Municipality: Coristanco
Location status: Village
Population: 36
Postal codes: 15147
Official Website: http://www.concellocoristanco.es

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